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Message  ZeroQI le Dim Nov 25 2018, 08:52

Ai trouve cette cappo en conduite a gauche (LHD = Left Hand Drive) donc pour rouler a droite de la route...
Conversion au Perou qui n'authorise pas le volant a droite, a coute 1500-2000usd de meoire du proprietaire
la partie batterie et freins a ete bougee

Ai mis les photos dans mon share google drive pour la posterite

The "Steering Unit" (UK Parts Manual Fig. 56) needs to be reversed, requiring new mounting points, with associated local body strengthening if done properly.

The "Steering Support Member" (UK Parts Manual Fig. 55) under the dash needs to be reversed, including the removal and refitting of brackets. This also needs new attachment points with local body strengthening.

In addition to requiring a new aperture in the firewall, the "Steering Column Assembly" (UK Parts Manual Fig. 55) needs to find a route to the "Steering Unit" (ie the rack). I would be surprised if nothing needs to be moved out of the way.

The pedals need to be made functional in their new location. Accelerator; longer bowden cable. Clutch; longer bowden cable, possibly tricky to route past engine/bell-housing. Brakes; either re-site the master cylinder & servo (very tricky) or install a lateral torque tube arrangement to transfer motion back to the right side of the vehicle. I expect the southern Chinese did the latter.

relocating the master cylinder etc, is the better final solution, though it is probably more work to achieve. In addition to relocating the unit, there is also the question of brake pipe runs.


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